plataforma 2023


07 June 2023 - 15 June 2023
18:00 pm
20:00 pm
CGAC library
David Barro, Mónica Maneiro and Iñaki Martínez Antelo

The Plataforma performing arts festival was born with a vocation that remains the same: to enrich the cultural power of Santiago de Compostela. In its fourth edition, it has already become one of the most prominent festivals in the city. Plataforma is not an easy event to label, since it is a project with a transversal character that seeks to use performativity to build bridges between the visual arts and the living arts, music, architecture, poetry and other artistic disciplines. It seeks to act as a network, programming performative actions that are related to the lines of action of public or private institutions such as the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC), the DIDAC Foundation, the Granell Foundation or the Compostela headquarters of the Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE). This complicity makes it possible to present initiatives which, due to their experimental and hybrid nature, usually have no space in museum programs or in stable cultural programs. In many cases, it furthers collaboration between artists from different disciplines, encouraging diverse audiences to cross paths, as well as favouring interesting creative connections. This is an essential cultural event for the first weeks of June.


Plataforma in the CGAC

Thursday 15th June | 18:00 h | CGAC

La fiesta, performance by Marc Vives | Length: 60 min | Free entry until full capacity is reached

La fiesta (The Party) is a piece in stage format based on a talk with the same name given by Roger Caillois in 1939.

Fragments of this text, its reading and re-reading in an interior and exterior voice, in search of a place within the space, a posture that proposes a voice emission or a movement that will turn out to be a percussive rhythm are some of the triggers that are improvised in a series of chants.

The phrases are swallowed, incorporated and returned in a synthetic and fragmented way through the voice and a certain syncopated gesturality. They adopt new corporealities detached from their original referent. The ritual consists of repeating this event over and over again, with other phrases that invoke carving unknown melodies from sweat and effort. The objective is none other than to try to overcome temporality and transform everything into a continuum. The performative content of the piece subtly draws upon vocal traditions of diverse origins and continues to search for and incorporate real links to the ancestral festival in Mediterranean territory.


Thursday 15th June | 20:00 h | CGAC

Roland I feel you. Performance, performance by Cristina Balboa | Length: 60 min | Free entry until full capacity is reached

Roland I fell you is a living arts project that fuses words, music, stage action and movement. It is conceived as a multidisciplinary monologue, created and performed by Cristina Balboa, where different methodologies of stage creation are integrated, from real-time composition to musical intuition, the relationship with the everyday and the relationship with the audience.

Roland is an instrument for love. Roland is me, turning it on and you reading this, Roland is a facilitator of encounters, an absolute necessity for community and affection. Roland mon amour is an excuse to immerse ourselves in what we want to learn, in the experiences we want to live, in the toys we want to de-construct to see what remains of us in this process, the language we manage to materialise between the emotional present and the creative enjoyment with the ultimate goal of sharing, to generate complicity and identification, to recognise ourselves as part of a collective and to contribute our valuable fragility.’